Mood Swings Events is a collective of curious individuals with a pallet of extraordinary taste and eclectic choice of music, live art and performances. An ever changing, always evolving creature of festival inspired madness with the intention of showcasing the weirdest, most wonderful, lightest, darkest and sometimes the right.. and always the wrong...


Our aim has been to sew an ever growing network of likewise professional weirdos that support talented local, national and international groups and individuals and be able to bring them all together in one place at the same time to revel in the most fantastic of company of estranged characters! 


We play host to a titanic variety of DJs, high energy bands, custom designers, mind blowing live artists, interactive walkabout performers, insane circus performers, sassy dancers, an overwhelming collection of arts, crafts and catering stalls to create a magically diverse experience at each and every uniquely themed event..


The trademark events were born and raised at the Beaver Works in Leeds on October 11th 2013 - 22:00 weighing a keen 25kw of soundsystem spread across 3 rooms. She now weighs a hefty 50kw across 4 notoriously outlandish rooms


This has only been possible through an amalgamation of inspiration from an uncountable amount of life experiences and people from every corner of the broad, beautiful, most wonderful places and minds of the world. 


We can't thank any of you enough for your support, love and existence! 


Mood Swings


Wiggin' Out 13:02:16
Indigenous Origins 17:10:15
Corrupt Cabaret
Ancient Rabble
Bohemian Bedlam 03:05:14
Savage Island
Tribalistic Animalistic 19:10:13
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